Services from QuickQuill


 Blogs and e-newsletters create a connection with your client or customer, whether a business or a retail customer. Engage your customers with fun facts, special events, and in-house information to create brand loyalty and increase ROI.  Empower your employees with the same information tailored specifically to them to increase productivity, enhance longevity, and increase loyalty. 


Send email newsletters to your subscribers and customers to keep them up to date of what's ongoing and what's new.  Convert casual visitors to paying customers.

Virtual Learning Producer

Your facilitator for your virtual learning session is a subject matter expert, but not well versed in the technical side of your platform. Give  your facilitator the opportunity to concentrate on the subject by using our Virtual Producer to handle the technical aspects.  We provide pre-training consultations to familiarize your facilitator in the use of background tools, provide well-organized scripts, and help in keeping the class on time and on track.  Our Producer will handle after-training, too, such as sending files or evaluation surveys to participants, debriefing on participant engagement, etc.

Virtual Facilitation

Let our Certified Virtual Facilitator guide your Subject Matter Experts to a successful training or Webinar.  Our Facilitator will meet with your subject matter experts to create and plan the training, then facilitate and produce the virtual training session.  

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