Virtual Training

Why virtual training?


E-Learning is quickly becoming the new "normal" for training adults in the business world.  Budgets for training and travel are becoming smaller.  Costs for gathering your remote employees in a central location for training are getting more expensive.  Employee Development professionals work hard every day to find the most cost effective training for your employees.

Many companies, organizations, and government agencies have begun investing in special software that provides platforms to train their employees over a virtual connection.  Adobe Connect, WebEX, Go-Live, and many other software packages are now available at costs much lower than the cost of training at a central location.  Choosing the package is not difficult, but could be time consuming.  It's recommended that you use the same assessment techniques used to development training.  Then go slowly and pick the platform that best suits your employee's learning needs.

What comes next is just as important as the software package chosen to build the virtual training environment - training your trainers, subject matter experts, and others in the techniques of training groups of virtual learners. There are a multitude of companies who train-the-trainer.  More information will be appearing in the future in our blog,

My current platform is Adobe Connect.  This particular platform works best for my current "day job" and gives the best capabilities for the types of training done there.  We also use WebEx for less interactive formats, mainly webinars and lectures.

I am currently a Certified Virtual Facilitator and Certified Virtual Producer for Adobe Connect, and have experience using the same techniques in WebEx.  I'm also certified in Instructional Design. I have facilitated and produced over 100 live training sessions, including several courses I designed for train-the-trainer sessions, and in-house instruction on agency-related subject matter.  I also have experience working with and facilitating for subject matter experts on both virtual platforms.

Learning from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Learning from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.